Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dust On The Horizon wins 1st in Historical or Mythical Award, 2014 MASF

I am pleased to announce that my miniature oil painting, "Dust On the Horizon" (actual size 4" x 6") was awarded 1st place in Historical or Mythical at the 2014 Miniature Art Society of Florida (MASF) Show in Dunedin, Florida. 

I also had four other paintings accepted into the show:
 "Grandfather's Stories" 2" x 3" oil

 "Grandmothers Beads" 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" oil

"Through Those Woods I Will Come" 4 x 5 oil

"Distant Dreams" 2 x 3 oil

Miniature Art Society of Florida

Many enthusiastic volunteers come together and work exceedingly hard to make this show the top miniature art show in the country. Artists from around the world submit work, with over 900 paintings. More information can be found at the website for MASF:

It's quite an honor to be accepted into this show, and to win an award is an unbelievable privilege, accomplishment, and as an artist, it is so emotionally rewarding.

Miniature art is an exacting discipline, where all of the elements of a successful painting (design, color, drawing skill, anatomy, technique, storytelling and emotions) come together in a incredibly small space. There is something immediate and intimate about being drawn in to see the detail, the skill, and the character of each tiny painting. Although I've been painting professionally for many, many years, these past several years of focusing on miniatures has been fulfilling and fun.
I'd like to thank my collectors that love my work, the judges that show their approval with their awards and accolades, and of course Erik, Thelma & Louise, and my huge network of family, friends and co-workers who continually lift me up with encouraging words, love, and unending emotional support.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Luann H

Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Meadow Dreams" Wins Award at 2013 MPSGS show in Washington, DC

I am pleased that two of my paintings were juried into the 2013 Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society (MPSGS) of Washington, DC. "Meadow Dreams" won an Award of Merit, and I am very excited that both paintings sold at the Collector's Preview on Saturday.

"Meadow Dreams"
Oil, Award of Merit
I don't know why I love to paint furry, sleepy foals, but this is one of my very favorite paintings. I'm so happy it's gotten a loving new home!

"Morning Eyes"
2" x 3" oil
This young lady has such beautiful eyes, and such a soulful expression, what a delight it was to paint!
 This is an outstanding show of miniature paintings, at a gorgeous venue. Thank you to all of the hard working individuals who make this show such a success! I wish I could have attended the opening weekend with fellow miniature artist friends. I hope they are having a fabulous time in our Capital City.

A link to the MPSGS show website: